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About Fairview Specialty Pharmacy

Our mission
Our mission is to improve the health of those we serve. We commit our skills and resources to assist people, partners, and providers in achieving the best outcomes possible.
About our Pharmacy

Fairview Specialty Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy that specializes in filling prescriptions for people who are prescribed specialty medications. These specialty medications are used for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, hepatitis C, psoriasis, cancer, solid organ transplant, hemophilia and others. These drugs can be injected, infused or taken orally, and typically require special handling and other specialty expertise.

You have selected a physician who is a specialist — it also makes sense to choose a pharmacy that specializes in your medication needs. The pharmacists, technicians and nurses at Fairview Specialty Pharmacy have unique training and are passionate about providing exceptional care for people using these specialty products. Our clinicians provide valuable education about your medication and health condition and are there to answer your questions and support you for these therapies.

Our History

Fairview Specialty Pharmacy was created in 1997 to help University of Minnesota transplant patients with the complex medication regimens required after organ transplantation. Fairview Specialty Pharmacy developed clinical programs to help patients with newly transplanted organs maintain their difficult and often changing drug therapies. Fairview Specialty Pharmacy is now one of the most advanced transplant specialty pharmacies in the industry. Many patients who began service with us in 1997 are still living with transplanted organs and receiving their medications from us.

Many new specialty medications have been approved in the last 20 years, and we have developed programs to help support people who are prescribed these innovative new products. We continue to adhere to our primary goal of providing outstanding care and achieving the best outcomes from specialty drugs.

​​Fairview Specialty Pharmacy was named Specialty Pharmacy of the Year in 2019 by NASP.

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