New Patient

Reporting and Hub Management

Manufacturer Data Reporting
Significant experience in providing timely and accurate submission of complex data sets
Full, automated, daily dispense, status and inventory reporting
Non-PHI patient & status data updated and transmitted daily
Data governance standards ensure integrity and accuracy of data
Access to EMR provides additional analytics opportunities for potential outcomes research projects
Solid experience & relationships with specialty pharmacy data aggregators (IQVIA / Value Centric, Capgemini, ProMetrics, Claritas, Excelera, Asembia, Skylaunch)
Experienced sending data to complex REMS programs
Inquiries receive immediate attention and follow-up
Exceptional Execution on HUB and Reporting Services
Dedicated specialist proactively contacts hub to understand referral process, benefits investigation procedure & enrollment reporting
Patient Financial Advocates
Patient Financial Advocates ensure referrals are processed quickly and accurately and work with the HUB to minimize patient out-of-pocket expense.
Dedicated Specialist
Dedicated specialist facilitates ongoing communication with hub personnel and manufacturer partner to ensure manufacturer requirements continue to be met
Business Reviews Beyond Automated Data Feeds
Customized reports are available for:
  • Shipment Confirmation​
  • Time-to-First-Fill​
  • Medication Possession Ratio (MPR)​
  • Proportion of Days Covered (PDC)​